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I absolutely adore wearing pendants. A beautiful pendant can instantly add the wow factor to any type of outfit. My collection includes diamond, sapphire, ruby, purple amethyst, green amethyst, blue topaz, and garnet pendants. I like classically shaped pendants such as heart ones. My favorite pendant is the heart shaped diamond one my husband presented me with on our memorable honeymoon. Whenever I want to add sparkle to an outfit, I wear this stunning piece of jewelry. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of owning a variety of different types and sizes of pendants. Enjoy!


The Perfect Pendant

    The Qualities And Characteristics Of Fire Agate Gemstones

    Fire agates are a variety of chalcedony, formed approximately 24-36 million years ago when they were subjected to massive volcanic action. This action forced hot water, saturated with silica and iron oxide, to repeatedly fill the cracks and bubbles in the rock surrounding the fire agates. Fire agates are known for their schiller effect, which is an iridescent play of colors that results from the interaction of light with a mineral. When looking to buy fire agate jewelry, look for gemstones with the following qualities:   

    5 Patterns To Look For When Selecting An Opal At A Jewelry Store

    If you are shopping for an opal for the first time, you may be unaware that the stones tend to have different patterns, from the common floral pattern to the rare harlequin. Use the guide below to distinguish between the patterns. Floral Pattern The most common of the opal patterns, the floral pattern contains bright, radiant colors, such as green, red, or yellow, that are randomly speckled throughout the stone. The background is typically white or cream colored, although you may find darker shades in some stones.

    What Jean Harlow Might Say About House Of Harlow Jewelry

    Jean Harlow was the star of the silver screen back in the 20's and 30's. She lives at a time when Art Deco was hot, brunettes ruled Hollywood, and jazz ruled the gin joints. When you hear the name "House of Harlow" you may be inclined to think of this famous platinum blonde actress, even though the two are totally unrelated. However, if Jean were alive today, the jewelry from House of Harlow might be quite a fitting tribute.

    2 Ways To Market A New Gold-Buying Business Without Spending A Lot

    Gold-buying businesses have become fairly common in the past few years. Cities often have multiple businesses that buy gold, and there are online companies that are also in the industry. For a new business that's trying to get established in the gold-buying industry and has little working capital, the competition can make it difficult to attract customers at first. If you're starting up a gold-buying business, here are some marketing tactics that are both effective and don't cost a lot.

    3 Ways to Prevent Sea Glass Jewelry from Developing Premature Wear

    Precious stones, like diamonds and rubies, are not the only decorative pieces that will stand out in jewelry. Sea glass is often used in handcrafted jewelry, and is really a sight to behold. Sea glass is basically man-made glass that has tossed and tumbled around in sea for approximately 7 to 10 years until it has a beautiful and elegant frosty appearance. Although beautiful, they are a tad fragile and delicate.

    Remove Encrusted Mud From A Diamond Ring And Restore The Jewelry's Shine

    If you accidentally forgot to remove your diamond engagement ring while pulling weeds from a flowerbed and now the stone has dried mud encrusted on it and the ring's setting has a dull and dingy appearance, clean the fine piece of jewelry with the following steps. Once the ring has been restored to its formal glory, polish it as needed in order to keep the piece of jewelry looking new.

    Tips For Selecting The Right Jewerly Store

    Are you thinking about taking the next step with your significant other? If so you have likely put in time to shop for an engagement ring. This can definitely be an exciting time in your life. However, it is still important that you take some time to find a credible and reliable jewelry shop when shopping around for your engagement ring. Protecting your investment is critical, especially when spending thousands of dollars on a ring.