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The Perfect Pendant

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue — How Jewelry Fills The Wedding Tradition

by Natalie Fields

For many brides, the tradition of wearing "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" is more than just superstition. It's also a beloved part of the fun of being a bride on her big day. But rather than going out of your way to incorporate many disparate elements into your own execution of this tradition, here are a few easy ways to do it with just your wedding jewelry.

1. Something Old. Your "something old" could be an old piece of your own jewelry or something you buy new that is actually a vintage piece. If your older jewelry doesn't quite fit your wedding day style, consider spicing it up by adding a new gem, changing the metal color, or having it reset into a modern setting. 

2. Something New. The "something new" for a bride is usually easy to include because most brides shop for at least one new piece of statement jewelry for their wedding outfit. If you're on a tight budget, look for a single item that will make as big an impact as possible. While she may love a certain pair of earrings, for instance, a bride who will wear her hair in long, luxurious locks might put her money into a statement necklace rather than a pair of hidden earrings. 

3. Something Borrowed. Talk to friends and family about their own jewelry collections that you might borrow from. The saying doesn't indicate who you should borrow from, so feel free to match your wedding style even if it's not someone with whom you are particularly close. Many brides enjoy borrowing a favorite pair of earrings or a bracelet, as these are close to her heart but would leave the focus for a statement necklace. 

4. Something Blue. A blue item is perfect for your wedding day jewelry. Depending on your budget, this could be something as elaborate as a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings, or it could be as simple as a blue charm hanging from your bracelet. Some brides are reticent to have their "something blue" visible if it's not their wedding color palette. But there are many shades of blue that match very well with a variety of other colors. 

Finding jewelry that fits your nuptial plans and still fulfills this old adage is a task that most brides will surely enjoy. And by focusing on how to deploy a small amount of jewelry to fit all elements of the tradition, you'll be able to complete the set quickly, easily, and inexpensively. 

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