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The Perfect Pendant

Are You Planning A Special Birthday For Your Wife?

by Natalie Fields

In the past, has your wife planned extensive birthday parties for you? Maybe she always makes the day extra special, just to honor the day you were born. Of course, you have more than likely also honored her in a special way, too. However, maybe this is a very special birthday for your wife. Maybe she is turning thirty, forty, or fifty years old. Those birthdays with a big 0 at the end of them seem to be very significant, don't they? 

Have you already bought your wife's gift? Do you have a special event planned already? If so, you are probably happy to know you have accomplished something important. On the other hand, you might still be in the planning stages of your wife's birthday. With the word special in mind, from finding amber jewelry for sale to selecting a memorable event, here are some ideas that might help you.

Amber Jewelry For Sale

Does your wife love unusual jewelry? If so, consider buying her a piece of jewelry that has amber as the focal point of the design. Amber gems aren't just beautiful—they're also unique. Amber goes with every color your wife will wear with it. The added bonus is that amber jewelry for sale comes at many prices, so you should be able to find something special for your wife that meets the amount of money you can spend. 

Think of buying your wife an amber ring that is set in gold. Choose an intricate design for the gold setting. If your budget allows it, consider buying your wife a set of amber jewelry. Besides the ring, think of selecting an amber necklace and bracelet to accompany it, or go with the ring and amber earrings, also set in gold. Of course, an entire set of amber jewelry would probably knock your wife off her feet.

A Memorable Event

Think of what your wife would love best for her special birthday. For example, she might want just an intimate dinner just with you at an elegant restaurant. On the other hand, your wife might truly love a party with her friends and family present. If that's the case, what kind of party would she want? Would she love the ease of a back yard barbecue? Would she like something more formal? If so, consider having the party catered.

Maybe your wife would love a trip as part of her gift. A weekend getaway or an extended cruise would both be memorable ways for your wife to celebrate her special birthday. And if you think she would enjoy planning the trip with you, that might make it even more fun.