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The Perfect Pendant

I absolutely adore wearing pendants. A beautiful pendant can instantly add the wow factor to any type of outfit. My collection includes diamond, sapphire, ruby, purple amethyst, green amethyst, blue topaz, and garnet pendants. I like classically shaped pendants such as heart ones. My favorite pendant is the heart shaped diamond one my husband presented me with on our memorable honeymoon. Whenever I want to add sparkle to an outfit, I wear this stunning piece of jewelry. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of owning a variety of different types and sizes of pendants. Enjoy!


The Perfect Pendant


Sterling Silver Permanent Bracelet — A Timeless Accessory for All Occasions

Are you looking for a sophisticated yet versatile piece of jewelry? If so, a sterling silver permanent bracelet might be just what you need. Not only is silver a classic metal that never goes out of style, but a durable bracelet made from this precious metal can also be a cherished accessory for years to come. The following paragraph will explore the benefits of sterling silver bracelets, what to look for when buying one, and how to take care of it properly.

Discovering the Best Jewelry Store: From Fine Stones to Unique Design

Jewelry is a form of expression of one's identity, status, and personality. As such, choosing the perfect piece of jewelry can be an overwhelming task. Jewels are not just expensive; they represent so much more than that. That is why finding a reputable jewelry store is just as important as picking out the right piece of jewelry. Discover the key factors in discovering the best jewelry store, from fine stones to unique designs.

4 Earrings That Are Work Appropriate (And 1 That's Not)

Accessories at work can be a tricky subject. You want something tasteful and professional, but you also want to add some personal style to your outfit. One of the easiest ways to do this is with earrings. However, it can be tough to understand what is work appropriate and what is not. Here's what you need to know. Work Appropriate 1. Stud Earrings Stud earrings are a classic choice for the workplace.

Four Reasons To Consider Buying GIA-Certified Diamonds For Large Carat Stones

GIA stands for the Gemological Institution of America; they are a highly respected certification group throughout the world. Although GIA is common throughout Europe and Asia, here in America, it is the IGI or International Gemological Institute that is more common. However, when you are shopping for a diamond, you should give preference to those diamonds that are GIA certified.  GIA has a strict and consistent grading system From the beginning, GIA's mission was to create a methodology that could be applied to diamonds that would lead to a consistent assessment of each diamond.