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The Perfect Pendant

Look For Stud Earrings In These Three Styles

by Natalie Fields

When you picture a pair of stud earrings, you might think of pearls, diamonds, or synthetic diamonds. There's no question that these studs are highly popular and can be a good addition to virtually anyone's jewelry box. If you want to wear stud earrings more often and you're interested in buying some different styles, a visit to a jewelry store in your area or an online retailer will present you with several options. Here are some other types of stud earrings that you might wish to consider.


If you like the sparkle of diamond or synthetic diamond stud earrings but you're looking for something that offers a bit more color, an option to consider is studs that feature your birthstone. Many birthstones are highly colorful — red rubies, green emeralds, and blue sapphires are three examples. One of these colors can unquestionably give you a vibrant look, especially when you pair your stud earrings with a colorful outfit. For example, you might choose emerald earrings when you wear a green dress for a party.


Knot earrings, which get their name because of their unique appearance that features two or more strands of metal that are knotted together, are available in several different sizes. While some people like large knot earrings, you can also buy stud-sized knots. This can be a good option if you want studs that offer more visual appeal than a plain shape such as a circle. Knot stud earrings are available in different materials, so whether you favor a knot with different colors of strands or a design in which all of the strands are the same color, you'll be able to find a look that suits you.

Metal Balls

Some people enjoy wearing stud earrings that have an understated design. If you're the type of person who feels that diamond or pearl studs are too formal for your everyday use, you may want to shop for something simpler. A good option in this scenario is to look at studs that feature small metal balls. Jewelry stores have many of these earrings available in all sorts of different materials. Some of these balls have a smooth, mirrored finish, while others are textured or matte in appearance. Many people find these studs to be a good choice for everyday earrings. Look for these and other stud earring designs at an online jewelry store or a store in your area.