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The Perfect Pendant

The Do's And Don'ts Of Buying Diamond Rings

by Natalie Fields

What do you need to know about diamond rings before you make your first purchase? Whether you're ready to pop the question or just want to gift the special person in your life with a sparkling stone, take a look at the do's and don'ts of diamond shopping.

Do Set a Budget

You've heard that you should spend two-months' salary on an engagement ring. But you're not sure if this figure can buy you the ring you want or if you can afford the payment. While plenty of people follow this "rule," you don't necessarily have to.

Even though diamonds are more expensive than some other stones, you can find high-quality rings available at a variety of price points. This means you don't need a million dollar budget just to invest in a diamond. According to the International Gem Society, diamond prices depend on the color grade, carat size, and clarity grade. Along with the color, carat, and clarity, the price of a ring may vary depending on the setting, band, and the designer or manufacturer. 

Before you set a budget, research the current costs of different rings. Choose several rings that match your needs or have the right aesthetic. Price the rings to determine if you can set a realistic budget. 

Don't Shop for Yourself

The round yellow diamond with gold setting is your favorite ring. Everyone has preferences—but if you aren't the one wearing the bauble, you need to put your feelings aside. There are times when you will need to shop for yourself and choose jewelry that appeals to your tastes. Now is not one of those times. Whether you're engagement ring shopping or the diamond is a gift to celebrate your love, this piece is for your significant other.

Make sure the ring reflects the recipients style and preferences. If you're not sure what they like or want in a ring, ask them for ideas or (if the ring is a surprise) talk to their closest friends. You can also make suggestions or hint about styles. This approach may take some detective work. Causally flip to a magazine page with a photo of a ring, open an ad that just "popped up" on your laptop's browser, or show your significant other a picture of a friend's ring and ask their opinion. 

Do Learn About the C's

There are four C's you need to know about before you start shopping. Diamond rings for sale all have a cut, clarity, carats, and a cost. As the name implies, the cut is the way that the jeweler cuts the stone. This changes the way the diamond reflects light and can create more or less sparkle. The clarity refers to how clear or near perfect the diamond is. Carats are the metric weight of the stone. Knowledge of these C's can help you to better understand the lingo and will make it easier to choose the just-right ring.