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I absolutely adore wearing pendants. A beautiful pendant can instantly add the wow factor to any type of outfit. My collection includes diamond, sapphire, ruby, purple amethyst, green amethyst, blue topaz, and garnet pendants. I like classically shaped pendants such as heart ones. My favorite pendant is the heart shaped diamond one my husband presented me with on our memorable honeymoon. Whenever I want to add sparkle to an outfit, I wear this stunning piece of jewelry. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of owning a variety of different types and sizes of pendants. Enjoy!


The Perfect Pendant

When You Might Need Custom Jewelry

by Natalie Fields

Custom jewelry is a wonderful addition to any collection of gems and jewels, although you might not be able to think of an occasion in which custom jewelry is necessary off the top of your head. You can buy custom jewelry online and can even engage in your own custom jewelry design if you're a hands-on person. You can also get custom pieces made at your local jewelry store.

Whether you want to add some luxury pieces to your own jewelry collection and you think custom jewelry sounds like fun or you just want to try this type of jewelry out but need to justify it, here are some ideas for when you might need custom jewelry either for yourself or someone else.

When you have a special occasion to celebrate

Be it a college or high school graduation, the birth of a new baby, or a job promotion, a big occasion calls for a big celebration. Having a custom jewelry design made around the event can make it last forever. Think of a favorite type of stone or a birthstone and go from there to make a custom jewelry piece that will forever shine and make an event a lasting memory.

When you have a special outfit with nothing to accessorize it with

A special outfit calls for a special piece of custom jewelry. You can customize pieces you already own and turn them into something new or you can start a new piece of custom jewelry from scratch: it's up to you and your budget. You can even have custom jewelry made in sets so you have earrings and a necklace or bracelet that match and are truly one of a kind.

When you can't find what you really want

If you can't find what you really want in jewelry, having custom jewelry made makes the most sense. You can pick the stone, metal, and overall design you really want to make whatever you wish, from a simple ring to a more ornate necklace or other design.

When you have something you want to turn into an accessory

Have a loose diamond you inherited? Find a beautiful rock on the beach? You can have many things turned into custom jewelry pieces that look beautiful and have even more beautiful backstories. A custom jewelry maker can help you design the perfect accessory for your needs and budget; call a specialist today to see what jewelry they can have made for you.