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The Perfect Pendant

What Jean Harlow Might Say About House Of Harlow Jewelry

by Natalie Fields

Jean Harlow was the star of the silver screen back in the 20's and 30's. She lives at a time when Art Deco was hot, brunettes ruled Hollywood, and jazz ruled the gin joints. When you hear the name "House of Harlow" you may be inclined to think of this famous platinum blonde actress, even though the two are totally unrelated. However, if Jean were alive today, the jewelry from House of Harlow might be quite a fitting tribute. Here is more on what the actress might select from this jewelry maker.

The Navajo Choker Necklace

This necklace is a combination piece that looks like an Art Deco piece from Jean's time, combined with a slight Native American flair. It looks like something Jean herself might have worn with an elegant evening gown to a black tie affair or dinner in Hollywood. Stylistically, it crosses decades and combines several styles into one.

Nile Delta Hoop Earrings

Almost every major actress to grace the screen has portrayed Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile. While Jean Harlow never was given the chance, you can imagine her wearing these Egyptian-inspired hoop earrings in the role. They may even go well with any role where you play a slave girl too.

Risha Hand Chain

The rise of the combo ring and bracelet with connecting chain was a Hollywood invention. Jewelry makers to the stars were always creating new pieces to flatter the beautiful stars and their lovely and elegant limbs. This hand chain is very similar to one of the first pieces of its kind and looks a lot like some of the bracelets that the actresses wore in Jean Harlow's day.

Age of Antiquity Bracelet

This bracelet would have not only been an every day item in the jewelry boxes of Hollywood, but quite possibly a prop piece too. If you look at old pictures of the actresses back then, you can see the cuff bracelets and "slave bracelets" worn on their upper arms. With a long flowing, simple, sleeveless gown, such bracelets were very popular.

It Is Fun to Imagine 

It is fun to imagine what Jean Harlow herself really would have selected, but given the times the above pieces most closely resemble things she wore or would have worn. Back then, the stars borrowed their jewelry and rarely owned it, too. However, you can own the jewelry and never have to borrow it.