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The Perfect Pendant

2 Ways To Market A New Gold-Buying Business Without Spending A Lot

by Natalie Fields

Gold-buying businesses have become fairly common in the past few years. Cities often have multiple businesses that buy gold, and there are online companies that are also in the industry. For a new business that's trying to get established in the gold-buying industry and has little working capital, the competition can make it difficult to attract customers at first. If you're starting up a gold-buying business, here are some marketing tactics that are both effective and don't cost a lot.

Offer a Bonus for Social Media Mentions

Make a special offer to anyone who is willing to post on social media how much they got from you for their gold items. These posts will show up in your customers' friends and family's feeds, and many of the people who see them will likely live in the area. If they have gold to sell, your business will be fresh in their minds.

To keep your costs low and still offer a bonus, lower your initial offer so that your offer with the bonus is equivalent to what you want to pay for a piece. For example, if you determine a piece is worth $10, offer $8 -- or $8 and a $2 bonus if a customer mentions your business on a social platform.

Educate Your Customers

When a customer does walk in, don't just make them an offer for their gold jewelry, coins or other pieces. Evaluate their items, determine how much you'll pay -- and then educate them about how you arrived at that price.

For example, if an item is only plated with gold, and, therefore, not worth a lot, show them how you know. If they have a piece of jewelry from Europe, show them the 750, 585 or 417 markings that reveal the jewelry's actual gold content.

Don't be afraid to explain how you'll sell their gold jewelry, either. If you'll sell it as is, tell them how much you expect it to sell for on the secondary market. If you'll melt it down and sell it on the wholesale market, explain that wholesale prices are lower and there are shipping costs that eat into your profits.

By educating each customer, you'll develop a reputation as a trustworthy gold buyer. You'll be able to turn your existing customers into repeat customers, as they'll both bring in items when they have questions and come to you when they're looking for a gold item to purchase. They'll also recommend you to any friends or family members who ask for recommendations on where to take gold to sell, thus providing you with the best form of marketing there is -- word of mouth. Contact a business, such as Desert Jewelry Mart & Coins, for more information.