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The Perfect Pendant

Remove Encrusted Mud From A Diamond Ring And Restore The Jewelry's Shine

by Natalie Fields

If you accidentally forgot to remove your diamond engagement ring while pulling weeds from a flowerbed and now the stone has dried mud encrusted on it and the ring's setting has a dull and dingy appearance, clean the fine piece of jewelry with the following steps. Once the ring has been restored to its formal glory, polish it as needed in order to keep the piece of jewelry looking new.


  • mild detergent
  • distilled water
  • glass
  • spoon
  • surgical gloves
  • toothbrush
  • microfiber cloths
  • jewelry polish

Soak The Ring

Create a mild cleaning solution to soak the ring in by adding a few drops of mild dish detergent to a glass of distilled water. Stir the soap into the water until bubbles appear. Carefully set the ring inside the bottom of the dish. After a few minutes have passed, put on a pair of surgical gloves and remove the ring from the cup.

The gloves will protect the jewelry from oils that are on your fingertips, which could diminish the shininess of the diamond and band. Use a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the diamond and its band. If the diamond's setting consists of several thin prongs, be careful while moving the brush over them so that none of them bend. Remove any traces of the cleaning solution that remain on the ring's surface with a dry microfiber cloth. 

Polish The Ring

If the diamond and band aren't as shiny as they previously were before mud got onto the ring, polishing it with a product that is designed for fine jewelry can be beneficial. Follow the instructions that are listed on the back of the polish bottle. Most types of jewelry polish only require a few drops of the product in order to restore shine. Add the polish to a clean microfiber cloth. Move the cloth gently over the surface of the ring. Remove excess polish with a clean, dry section of the cloth.

Preserve The Condition Of The Ring

In order to preserve the condition of your diamond ring, touch it sparingly in order to prevent oil or dirt from being transferred onto parts of it. If you will be using harsh cleaning agents or chemicals in your home, remove the ring from your finger and place it in a jewelry holder so that it isn't at risk of becoming damaged. If the ring ever becomes visibly dirty again, simply place it in a soapy solution for a few minutes and remove hardened residue with a clean toothbrush in the same manner that was used to remove the mud. 

If you want a more professional clean or polish, try visiting your local jewelry store to see what kind of cleaning services they offer.