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The Perfect Pendant

Tips For Selecting The Right Jewerly Store

by Natalie Fields

Are you thinking about taking the next step with your significant other? If so you have likely put in time to shop for an engagement ring. This can definitely be an exciting time in your life. However, it is still important that you take some time to find a credible and reliable jewelry shop when shopping around for your engagement ring. Protecting your investment is critical, especially when spending thousands of dollars on a ring. So, to ensure your investment is protected, you will want to shop for a jeweler that offers the following:

In-house Repair Services

Selecting a jewelry shop that offers in-house repair services can be far more beneficial than you think, especially when considering how much money you are going to spend on your ring. The benefits of shopping from a shop that offers in-house repairs are that you can avoid the hassle and risk of having to ship your ring off for resizing or repairs and you can see a faster turn around on your repairs as you can avoid the shipping and handling process. So, if you want a smoother experience when dealing with potential problems that can easily arise, be sure to shop from a jeweler that can fix your ring onsite. 

Extended Warranty Plans

You have insurance for your car so why not have insurance for your ring? Engagement rings can cost thousands of dollars and if something were to break on the ring then you would have to spend a considerable amount of money to fix or replace the ring and this can hurt your investment tremendously. Instead, buy your engagement ring from a jeweler that offers extended warranty coverage as this can protect you against diamond and band damages. This coverage may also allow you to obtain a reimbursement if the value amount of the ring if the ring were to be stolen and you file a police report. Having this coverage will be the best way to protect your investment and this is definitely why you should buy from a shop that offers extended warranty plans. 

Low-Interest Financing Services

The average cost that people spend on an engagement ring is close to $5,000 and this can easily be a few months of paychecks for you. If you aren't able to pay this large amount at once, be sure that you seek a jeweler that offers low interest on financing. This will make it much easier for you to obtain affordable payments and will allow you to pay off the principle of the ring faster, rather than having to pay a large sum of your payments on the loan interest. 

With these jewelry store features and services available when shopping for your engagement ring, you will find it to be more convenient and easier which can make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Not only can this make things easier for you but this can better your investment as you can obtain some great protection against the safety of your ring so you won't have to spend any out of pocket expenses to fix or potentially replace your ring.