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The Perfect Pendant

Proposal Ideas For Christmas Day

by Natalie Fields

Christmas time is the best time for displaying love. This is especially true when you have decided that you are ready to ask your girlfriend to become your fiancee. Christmas is already a holiday filled with joy and closeness. The only thing that could make this day more special is if you were to request her hand in marriage. Here are two ideas to help you give her a truly 'marry' Christmas! 

The Eternal Ornament

Put your diamond engagement ring on a string and hang it on the Christmas tree like an ornament. When Christmas morning arrives, make some comment about how beautiful the ornaments on the tree are. Saying "Especially this one..." pull the ring from the tree and continue with the proposal. Be ready for possible screams of delight and tears of joy! 

Super Secret Santa

If your family draws names to play Secret Santa, you'll have to coordinate this proposal with whomever is overseeing the Secret Santa proceedings. If your family has never done this, you can be the one to start the tradition.

Though you'll be in full control if you are leading the Secret Santa process, if you have someone else doing this, have them put the name of your soon-to-be-fiancee in the pile along with everyone else's. But be sure that they do so in a way that makes you able to find your girlfriend's name. For instance, if the container you are drawing from is transparent, the person could put a colored dot on the right name so you'll pick that one out. If you are drawing out of an enclosed box or hat, however, have them use a thicker stock of paper, let glue or candle wax dry on the paper, or otherwise let you be able to feel which one has you girlfriend's name on it. 

Make sure they let you draw first so you can get rid of the name quickly, in case someone else draws it. 

When the day comes to exchange Secret Santa gifts, the exquisite diamond ring on the inside of the box should give her all the hint she needs to figure out that you're her Secret Santa. But it's still a nice touch to actually formally ask her to marry you. 

Don't be afraid to work a little harder on the day of your proposal. If everything plays out well for you, this will be the only time you will ever ask her to marry you. Make it a wonderful memory that the two of you can share for the rest of your lives. To learn more about proposals and fine jewelry, visit B And A Jewelers